Annual Reports

At A Glance Report

The yearly "At A Glance" report tells our YMCA's story on what we have done in the community and reflects our growth and relationships. 

2018 At A Glance

2017 At A Glance

2016 At A Glance

2015 At A Glance

2014 At A Glance

2013 At A Glance

Annual Report

The annual report shows our numbers and recognizes our community supporters.

2018 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report    

2014 Annual Report

Monumental Moments

The heartwarming stories that happen every day in the YMCA. It's like "Chicken Soup for the YMCA soul!"  

2018 Monumental Moments

2017 Monumental Moments

2016 Monumental Moments

2015 monumental moments

2014 monumental moments

2013 monumental moments


Please refer to the Garden City Annual Reports for the Financial Audit and 990 Form.