We are a two facility association that serves Garden City and all the communities of Southwest Kansas since 1964. In 2012, we became the YMCA of Southwest Kansas adding a Dodge City branch.  In 2021, the Dodge City branch was assigned a provisional charter while they worked to complete their charter to become their own, independent YMCA. Today, Garden City has two facilities with the main facility at 1224 Center Street housing the YMCA and our DOME Activity Center on Mary Streert which houses all our activities. Our business name is still YMCA of Southwest Kansas.

Since 1964, the Garden City Family YMCA has been serving Finney County and the surrounding communities behind the foresight of three gentlemen; Clifford Mayo, Bryce Roderick Sr and Carlos C. Spikes. The YMCA was blessed back then by our founding fathers and today we are fortunate to have the community support our non-profit organization. Being a membership and program-driven organization, we rely on volunteers and contributions to help support our mission. From our first campaign of $300,000 to build the YMCA to our very latest Capital Campaign of over $2 million, this YMCA is built from donors, friends and foundations who believe in our mission! This is pretty awesome.

Please join us in any of our five program areas – Aquatics, Sports, Health Living, Child Care, or Family  – as we strive to emphasize our core values of honesty, respect, responsibility and caring. Better yet, sign-up to become a member and enjoy all the great benefits and privileges of our YMCA. Our local slogan “The YMCA – Where Value Meets Values,” was given to our CEO, Chad Knight from an outgoing board member who served as Board President. Mr. Knight thought very highly of this slogan and more importantly felt the YMCA had a special place in the heart of that volunteer to be handed that piece of paper as he exited his last board meeting. I salute all of our wonderful volunteers, caring staff and special friends for making the Garden City Family YMCA the place to be in Garden City. We encourage you to stop by and visit our YMCA for a free tour and guest pass. We would love to have you join our family!