Thank You for Making a Difference

With the help of our donors, each year the Y helps thousands of children and adults in need of financial assistance. Last year alone, their support and dedication to the Y changed the lives of thousands of deserving people.

Their generosity gave kids the chance to experience summer camp, laid the foundation for preschoolers needing early learning programs, and gave teens a place to belong with Y teen centers. Our donors have a powerful impact on the Y’s capability to achieve our mission of serving “all”. They are vital to the YMCA community and incredibly appreciated.

Event Sponsors

League Sponsors

These companies have committed marketing dollars to support programs, special events, sponsor our youth in Keeping Our Promise or general scholarships. Please tell them THANK YOU for helping the YMCA and show your appreciation by supporting these companies. They are helping usd put our YMCA mission into action! THANK YOU PEPSI, PIZZA HUT, COMMERCE BANK, GCCC, and KB's SS!