Giving Back, in Many Ways

The Heritage Club is an organization of those who have shown their long term interest & support of the Garden City Family YMCA. The club expresses the enlightened concern of people who have felt & seen in their time the impact of the YMCA on their community. It is a reminder of the Christian purpose of the YMCA & the desire of members to see that the YMCA can continue to influence and serve. Each year, these special friends of the YMCA are invited to an annual dinner and program to receive recognition and to hear about how endowment funds are being used.

We hope that you decide to be a part of a lasting presence at The Garden City Family YMCA through the Heritage Club, as we strive to "Build Dreams For Tomorrow"!

Forms of Deferred Giving

WILLS - A bequest through your will (a common way of giving) may reduce your estate taxes and thus increase the size of your estate for your heirs. Meanwhile, you have the full use of your property, plus the satisfaction of having given to assure the good purposes and traditions of the YMCA.

LIFE INSURANCE - Many people do not realize that they can make a gift of life insurance. You can make the YMCA the beneficiary of a policy you own or you can designate the YMCA as owner and beneficiary of new insurance you buy.

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST - You can transfer cash, securities or other property into a trust. You receive funds for a specific period from the trust at the end of which the remaining principal transfers to the YMCA. You can have a lifetime income, an immediate capital gains tax reduction on long-term appreciated property, and reduce or eliminate estate taxes. The minimum gift to the YMCA Endowment Fund to establish a Unitrust or Annuity Trust is $50,000.

POOLED INCOME - A donor’s gift is invested with that of others. The donor receives his or her prorata share based upon the fund’s earnings each year. Pooled income can provide life income for the donor and/or beneficiary. Minimum investment is $5,000.

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY - A donor forms a contract with the YMCA Endowment Fund to which the donor transfers money or property. On the basis of this gift the donor will receive a fixed income for life. Minimum gift is $5,000 and minimum age is 50.

The Use of Endowment Trust Funds

A contribution can be a perpetual gift in which the principal amount of the gift remains intact and earnings only are used for the following:

  • To expand the before and after school activity program; an extended day care program meeting the needs of families and working parents.
  • To improve health and fitness programs for many families, youth, adults and seniors who need and desire the wonderful facilities available to lead an healthier and happier life.
  • Maintenance of the facilities given to our community through the YMCA and entrusted to its care.
  • To continue the growth of youth and adult sports programs and to stress basic fundamentals, team participation, sportsmanship, fair play and our sports pledge.
  • To make a splash in our aquatics department with lessons for kids of all ages, swim/aerobic classes for the adults and seniors and improve the pool appearance.
  • To collaborate with various groups in our community and hopefully fulfill their needs.

What Are We Doing Now?

Every year, we award two youth scholarships to every elementary school through our Keeping Our Promise program. Additionally, we also reward a department an in-house grant through a grant process. Join today to help!

For more information, contact CEO Chad Knight at (620) 275-1199 or