The Dome

Located just northeast of Kenneth Henderson Middle School, The Dome began as a joint partnership with the City of Garden City, USD 457, and the YMCA. Both Kenneth Henderson and the YMCA were in need of additional gym space and they came together to create this solution to benefit both parties. The Dome houses three multi-purpose courts (for basketball, volleyball, futsal, and more) surrounded by a walking track. The building also contains a functional fitness area for sport specific training, and indoor baseball and softball training areas with batting cages, pitching mounds and soft toss. It is now the main location for YMCA sports programs, leagues, tournaments and special events. We also offer innovative programs with competitive leagues for all of Southwest Kansas. 

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Dome Membership Rates

Youth (0-17) $13/month (bankdraft) /$135 Annually

Y-Adult (18-24) $18/month (bankdraft) / $180 Annually

Adult $22/month (bankdraft) / $225 Annually

Family $26/month (bankdraft) /  $265 Annually

Senior $20/month (bankdraft) / $225 Annually

Senior Family $24/month (bankdraft) / $245 Annually

Golden (80+)  FREE!

Dome Guest Fees

Youth (0-17) $4 per visit

Y-Adult (18-24) $6 per visit

Adult $8 per visit

Family $10 per visit

Senior $2 per visit


Senior Family $4 per visit


YMCA Member Add-Ons

Are you a member of the Garden City Family YMCA?

You can add a Dome Membership for just $10/month! 

The membership add-on is not valid for youth memberships.


Dome Memberships & Guest Fees

There is a $25 initial joining fee for all membership types.

Exception: Golden Memberships


For more information contact Membership Director Crystal Ibarra at or 620-275-1199.