The YMCA has four racquetball courts.  During the year we host a variety of clinics, challenge ladders, lessons and two major tournaments; Turkey Shootout and Carl Myers! 

Turkey Shootout Racquetball Tournament

This tournament is hosted in November or first weekend in December. PLAN on attending the next tournament. Contact Stacy at the YMCA.

Carl Myers Spring Fling Racquetball Tournament

This tournament is hosted in March or April. In honor of Carl Myers who would play racquetball every morning from 5:00 am to 6:30 am. He also rigged our HVAC equipment to extend it's life another 15 years. He served as Board President and was a fabolous volunteer, member, donor, and loved his spirit on the racquetball court.Contact Stacy at the YMCA. Click here is the flier for 2021. 

Weekly Cut Throat Racquetball Tournament!

Come and play with different people of all levels. Receive points fromhigher level players to win cash back each week and qualify six sessions to win overall cash! Evey Sunday from 3-5 pm. GREAT fun, GOOD exercise and IMPROVE your game! Click here for the flier

Aerobic Racquetball