Please review our Safety Guidelines that explains the steps we are taking. WE CARE about your safety!! It is essential for you to work out. Please review these safety measures we are doing to ensure your safety while working out at the Garden City Family YMCA or our DOME Family Activity Center. Here are the steps we are currently conducting to monitor safe and healthy environment:

  • Spraying the building prior to opening, at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm and at closing with our fogger machine and disinfectant.
  • Wiping hard surfaces down throughout the day.
  • Monitoring the rest rooms and showers more frequently to clean and keep sanitized.
  • Every member and guest who check in receives a blue towel to clean the machines before and after.
  • "Ramped up" our cleaning at night and added more hours for our Day Housekeeper during the day.
  • We have implanted more cleaning bottles in every area of our building.
  • Personal cleaning bottles can be checked out with collatorel.
  • Every member and guest who check in receives a pink towel to wipe their sweat while working out.
  • A pre-assessment is conducted on each employee before each shift.
  • Masks are mandatory upon checking in. Masks are optional while working out.
  • Masks are mandatory in our school age child care program.
  • Masks are mandatory for spectators during practices and games.
  • Everyone is encouraged to 'sanitize in and sanitize out' upon arriving and leaving.
  • More sanitary stations are added throughout the buildings.

We will continue to monitor and make changes as necessary. All areas are open with some restrictions. I encourage you to get out, be safe and come and exercise!! For more information, please click on this link provided by Finney County Health Department.

June 25th, 2021