It almost seems like yesterday when we arrived in Garden City from Spain, to an unknown country with very different habits from ours. I remember the days of August, with a scorching heat in which you could not even go outside. We did not know anyone; we were in a city with a lot of car movement but no people in the streets. It was another world different from the one we were used to. After a few days we tried to create a routine and do activities, the first of which was to join the YMCA. We  consider that sport is a fundamental means for personal well-being and a tool for socializing. At the YMCA we have discovered two very interesting things: fantastic sports facilities and the group that is responsible for them, which at all times has treated us as part of their family. The values they promote (sportsmanship, friendship, overcoming, hard work, etc.) seem fundamental to us. Thank you ... thank you ... infinitely thank you for the task that you dedicate every day in the mission of making children, youth and adults better human beings. We feel part of the YMCA family.