Personal Training

Imagine having a professional at your side to ensure you receive the proper knowledge, safety, and maximum results in your workout! 


  •     Work with an expert who can provide personalized service, tailored to fit your needs.
  •     Ensure your safety as you learn how to exercise smarter, not harder.
  •     Have someone who will hold you accountable and kick you into high gear.
  •     Discover exercises you would never do on your own.
  •     Build confidence and get results beyond the mirror.

**We offer personal training for both adults and youth, ages 13-17! Additional fees apply. Inquire today!** 


To schedule a training session any of our personal trainers, contact Healthy Living Director Steven Lynch: 620-275-1199.

Melissa Fulton

"I believe that strong is beautiful, and I know that strong is healthy. Having personal experience with significant weight loss and rehabilitation from injury, I know that to see results, you have to move past being comfortable. I love trying new things, and challenging myself and others."

Melissa has been teaching at the YMCA since 2012 is certified as a personal trainer (NETA), a group fitness instructor (NETA), a yoga instructor (NCCPT) and Enhance Fitness instructor (YMCA).


Dave Hill

"My favorite thing to do is help people reach their fitness goals whether it be to tone up, gain mass, or get freakishly strong! I have helped people in every aspect of fitness from losing weight to getting that "beach body" to preparing for a body building competition. If you see me around the gym and have any questions don't be afraid to approach me and ask."

Dave served in the military before becoming a personal trainer. He has been a personal trainer since 2011, and with the Y since May 2017. He's certified through PTA Global.


For more information on Personal Training contact our Healthy Living Director at 620.275.1199.