Membership Promotions

New Year Specials (through Jan. 31)

Dodge City: Join in January using our Joining Fee Deferral program (below) and you'll get the month free! Your first joining fee payment and membership dues will be due in February. Talk to Dodge City Membership Director Karla Springer for details!
Garden City: Join in January and pay no membership dues until February! The joining fee is $65 for families/adults, but if you sign up with our new Joining Fee Deferral Program (below) you can pay as little as $6 to join! Talk to Garden City Membership Director Crystal Ibarra for details:

Joining Fee Deferral (ONGOING)

While our members enjoy contract-free memberships after paying their one-time joining fee of $65 in Garden City and $50 in Dodge City, some find the fee can be diffult to pay in full. For this reason, we've created the Joining Fee Deferral Program. Simply spread your joining fee out over 6 months and pay only $10-$12 per month, or commit for a year and pay only $5-$6 per month on top of your membership dues. Your joining fee will be billed at the time of your membership draft. Ask your local branch for more details and exact pricing.
Member Referral Program (ONGOING)

Refer a friend and save 15% each month; your friend will save, too!

OR Join the Y at the same time as a friend and you can share the savings! Plus, you'll both receive a discounted joining fee.

Learn more and see if you qualify.