Three membership types serve Garden City Family YMCA members: Regular, Corporate and Christian Community Leaders (CCL). Each category features rates according to your family structure. To qualify for the CCL membership, you must be a full-time, licensed or ordained preacher, pastor or chaplain.

There is a $65 joining fee for an adult, young adult or family membership. For a teen membership (ages 12-17) there is a $20 joining fee. Our youth memberships (ages 0-11) have no joining fee.

Regular Membership Rates

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Youth (0-17) $21.52 (bankdraft) /$205 Annually* 

Y-Adult (18-24) $36 (bankdraft) / $384.37 Annually

Adult $50 (bankdraft) / $550 Annually

Family $63.55 (bankdraft) /  $739.02 Annually

Senior (65-79) $41 (bankdraft) / $451 Annually

Senior Family $49.20 (bankdraft) / $512.50 Annually

Golden (80+)  FREE!!

For financial assistance, download a scholarship application.


Corporate/Military Memberships

Y-Adult 18-24: 30.75 payroll/ $32.80 (bankdraft) / $328 Annually

Adult $42- payroll/ $44- bankdraft / $475Annually

Family $52.27- payroll/  $54.32-bankdraft /  $633.45 Annually

The YMCA offers a discount for its corporate members. If your corporation has more than 100 employees, the YMCA will honor a corporate discount with 10 or more members. If your company has less than 100 employees, five members are required. If your company is a small operation of five employees or less, 100 percent sign up is required to receive the discount.

For financial assistance, download a scholarship application.


Christian Community Leader Membership

Y-Adult (18-24)21.52 (bankdraft) / $205 Annually

Adult $27.67 (bankdraft) / $307.50 Annually

Family $34.85 (bankdraft) /  $380.27 Annually

The YMCA offers this rate to honor the community leaders in our churches. To qualify, you must be a verified full-time, paid, ordained minister.

For financial assistance, download a scholarship application.


For more information on membership our Membership Director at 620-275-1199.