Mask Mandate Guidelines

With the Mask Mandate the City of Garden City passed, we will make sure everyone has their mask on coming into the YMCA of DOME. Please click here for our action plan regarding masks. Please know we are still ramping up our cleaning  and taking more precationary steps to ensure your safety at the YMCA and our Dome Family Activity Center. We are implemeting a Phase 5 guidelines. We initially had four phases, but in light of some recent activity within our community we felt it was best to make some amendments to our current playbook.

You will not be required to wear your masks during yoru activity at the YMCA or DOME. \We believe for an optimal breathing performance, masks deter from allowing the best breathing for your workout. However, spectators will be required to wear masks. All areas are open with some restrictions. I encourage you to get out, be safe and come and exercise!!

If you have questionsd regarding your membership, please contact Crystal Ibarra, Membership Director at 620-275-1199 ext 206 or email at

For more information, please click on this link provided by Finney County Health Department: