Keeping Our Promise

We have a great program called “Keeping Our Promise” that might interest you. Through this program, every USD 443 elementary school receives at least two one-year-long youth scholarships for deserving students! Last year we awarded 18 youth this membership and the excitement they displayed was amazing.

For only $125, your organization can provide a deserving youth a year-long membership to the YMCA. The excitement on the faces and in the eyes of these children when they receive their FREE membership for the YMCA is truly magical. Currently, each school has their teachers nominate a deserving youth from their school based on the following criteria:

  • Financial need (family may not be able to afford the membership)

  • Cooperative

  • Always willing to try and work hard

  • Exemplifies YMCA core values: Honesty, Respect, Responsibility & Caring

  • Exhibits perseverance

  • Shows spirit of determination

  • The teacher feels this will improve the child in spirit, mind and body

  • Must maintain a “C” average (special recommendation from a sponsor)

  • Will be able to use it (make sure the parents can get them there)

In December, a YMCA Board Member, Branch Executive and CEO deliver the certificate and application for membership to each individual child in front of their entire school as a YMCA Christmas gift! Parents are invited to attend, take pictures and share in this special moment their child has earned.  In addition, your company will be recognized for your contribution through the YMCA website, social media, and through a certificate presented to the deserving winner at the school. The gift is tax-deductible.

This program is made possible through sponsorship from friends of the YMCA and local companies like yours.  Please strongly consider making an IMPACT in our community and a child’s life. Upon your request, the YMCA would be more than happy to present this in more detail to your organization. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jackie Regan at the YMCA at 620.225.8157 or by email at Thank you!