Football Raffle Fundraiser


The winners will be posted every TUESDAY afternoon after 1:00 pm. CONGRATS to all the winners. Tell your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone else they can still get a ticket!


  • First place: Jared Torres BCM for 116 points - $75
  • Second place: Gerry Schultz with JM6 for 113 points $50
  • Third place: Two-way tie with 112 points. Each will win $15 apiece. Crystal Ibarra (MN4) and Linenberger Jewelry (CGM)
  • 33rd place: 16 people tied weith 82 points. Kelly Dugan with RX1 was the lucky winner for $10
  • Second lowest: American Warrior with FH2 for 46 points - $10
  • Lowest:Rudy Hernandez with Y23 for 41 points - $15

NOTE: Anaid Leyva broke the tie and chose the 15th person on the tie to win! 


  • First place: Brian Hultgren with OQS for 111 points - $75
  • Second place: Mike Ward with QVY for 108 points $50
  • Third place: Three-way tie with 106 points. Each will win $10 apiece. Mariah Salas (INO), Josh Plankenhorn (NSY) and John Benish (OSY)
  • 33rd place: 14 people tied weith 76 points. Linenberger Jewlry with OR3 was the lucky winner - $10
  • Second lowest: Nelda Lewis with BD5 for 33 points - $10
  • Lowest:Chad Deniston with DF5 for 31 points - $15

A note from CEO Chad Knight: "THANKS everyone for participating. The weekly totals were adjusted because all the tickets were not sold. If three or less tie, we will split the winnings. If there are four or more, we will put all those winners into a drawing and pull a lucky winner. Anaid Leyva chose #10 of the 14 people who were tied in the first week. Tickets are still available. Sorry for not posting the winners until now. On October 20, we will pay the first six weeks of the season." 

If you have any questions, please call Chad Knight at 937-2199 or shoot him an email at THANK YOU for your contribution to the NFL Raffle Ticket Fundraiser.