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2019 Weekly Results

**Winners are drawn each Tuesday and will be posted to this page shortly after. We do our best to post promptly, but the time of posting may vary each week. Thank you for your patience.**

Week 6
  • 1st Place:  Commerce Bank - DGX - $100. Two time winner
  • 2nd place:  Two-way tie with Tim's Auto Sales (GMX) and Rosie Chacon (DGV) with 102 points. They will both receive $37.50 apiece. 
  • 4th place:  Leon Frazier - GMZ with 100 points - $20. Leon has won twice now. 
  • 8th place: 4-way tie with 95 points. Shanda Koehn with GNO was selected
  • 33rd place: 27-way tie with 70 points.  Matt Legg with EHP was selected.  
  • 88th place: Nobody won because of low scores
  • Third lowest: Brylie Gillan with KW5 for 22 points - $10.
  • Lowest: Two-way tie with Gerry Schultz (KU5) and Doug Keller (KS5) with 20 points. Both will win $20 apiece. Gerry is a three-time winner.  
CEO's NOTE: On the ties this week, Steven Lynch drew the lucky winners from the pile and selected #2 on the list for 8th place and #13 for 33rd place. Remember, if a team is off that week, we will revert back to their score the week before. We still have 11 more weeks and the overall winners. If you are interested in more tickets, just let any of our Board or Team members know. Give me a call or send me an email. THANKS for your help and support. 
Week 5
  • 1st Place: Two-way tie with Jon Berning (DJY) and Lon Pishny (DJZ)  with 118 points - $75 each. 
  • 3rd place: Stu Chance with BDH for 117 points. - $50. 
  • 4th place:  Two-way tie with 113 points. Anonymous (DH6) and Good Sport (DJ6)  won $10 each.
  • 33rd place: 13-way tie with 87 points. Scott Taylor with JM6 was pulled from YMCA member Charlie Aguilar. Scott will win $15. 
  • 88th place: Two-way tie with 32 points. Russell Isaac (EFI) and Jeremy Kramer (FN2) will receive $7.50 each.
  • Three lowest: Three-way tie with 23 points: Don Doll (EFL), Arely Rico (FNR) and Jon Berning (FN4) will receive $16 each. 
CEO's NOTE: Jon Berning was our first two-time winner in one week as he took first and last. Good job Jon! The Anonymous person has won three times now. We still have 12 more weeks and the overall winners. If you are interested in more tickets, just let any of our Board or Team members know. Give me a call or send me an email. THANKS for your help and support. 
Week 4
  • 1st Place: Garrett Wright, MU1 with 125 points - $100. Garrett won first place last week as well. Back to back champion! 
  • 2nd place: Russell Lewis, MT1 with 122 points - $50
  • 3rd place: Two-way tie with 120 points.  Curtis Galliart (MXY) and Gerry Schultz (I20) will receive $22.50 each. Gerry is a back to back winner as well. He took second place last week. 
  • 8th place:  Two-way tie with 113 points. Aaron Kucharik (KM3) and Terry Prince (MTX) won $7.50 each
  • 33rd place: Eight people tied with 87 points. Dana Israel with X24 was pulled from Adriel our of our four-year old program. Dana is a two-time winner. Dana won $15. 
  • 88th place: Two-way tie with 32 points. Linenberger Jewelry (BFR) and Scott Huber (FP5) will receive $5 each.
  • Third lowest: Four-way tie with 19 points. Jesse Zogelman with BFZ was pulled from Aubrey out of our four-year old program. Jesse will win $10. 
  • Second lowest: Anonymous won with INZ for 16 points. He will win $15. 
  • Lowest place: Dacia Huggard with FNZ for 12 points will win $25.


Week 3
  • 1st Place: Garrett Wright, LS5 with 110 points - $100
  • 2nd place: Gerry Schultz, LW5 with 107 points - $50
  • 3rd place: Three-way tie with 106 points. Walnut Valley (DH5), Pat Baalmann (LQ5) and Rick Van Meter (QX5) will receive $15 each
  • 8th place: Pat Regan, AFS with 102 points - $15
  • 33rd place: 40 people tied with 78 points. Amanda Mitchell selected #39 between 1 and 40 and it was Scott Nieman with W24. Scott won $15.
  • 88th place: Not given this week because it was below the lowest points.
  • Lowest place: Three-way tie with 33 points. Crystal Ibarra (CRY), Bill Clifford (EJY) and Roscoe Halsey EKY will receive $17 each.

CEO’s Note: Pat Baalmann and Rick Van Meter have won twice now on the year and join Jeff Taylor as two-time winners. You still have time to get more tickets. Tell your friends to call and we will send them a ticket even if they live in Kalamazoo! THANKS everyone!!


Week 2
  • 1st place: Anonymous, JS5 with 112 points - $100
  • 2nd place: Rick Marquez, IJ5 with 110 points - $50
  • 3rd place: Chad Koster, CJ5 with 108 points - $25
  • 4th place: David Carr, BJ5 with 107 points - $20
  • 8th place: Dana Israel, JK5 with 101 points - $15
  • 33rd place: 15 people tied for 75 points. Edith Gonzalez picked #8 on the list and it was Jeff Taylor with IMS for $15. Jeff is our first TWO-TIME winner as he took third place last week as well. His ticket is the front runner for overall total probably. GOOD JOB Jeff!
  • 88th place: JD Farr (HPV) and Leon Frazier (PUY) both had 20 points for $5 each.
  • 2nd and 3rd lowest: Tie with Terry Prince(PY2) and Linenberger Jewelry (PY3) for $12.50 each
  • Lowest: Rick Van Meter, PWY with 17 points - $25

A note from CEO Chad Knight: "THANKS again for participating and if you know if anyone who wants to purchase a ticket, they can still play for the last 15 weeks and, overall. So, you still have plenty of chances to win. This is not like a normal raffle ticket with a one-time drawing, you get multiple weeks to win cash back. Good luck everyone! 

Week 1

  • First Place: Pat Baalmann, IM1 with 135 points - $100
  • Second Place:  Commerce Bank, EI5 with 134 points - $50
  • Third Place: 132 points from Jeff Taylor (IMS) and Mark Doll (IO1). They will receive $22.50 each. Third place gets $25, Fourth place gets $20
  • Eighth Place: Dion Stanley, EIM with 127 points - $15
  • Thirty-Third Place:  NINE people tied with 100 points.  The lucky winner drawn was drawn by Krystal Richardson and she pulled out John Smithhisler. He had ticket AB1 for $15.
  • Eighty-Eighth Place:  Two people tied with 42 points. Kirk Olomon (P23) and Janet Stimatze (QX3). Both will receive $5
  • Third Lowest Place: Rob Sowers, Z35 with 28 points - $10
  • Second Lowest Place: Rob Sowers, TUZ with 23 points - $15
  • Lowest Place: Jeff Renner, UZ4 with 22 points - $25.

A note from CEO Chad Knight: "THANKS everyone for participating. The weekly totals were adjusted because all the tickets were not sold. If three or less tie, we will split the winnings. If there are four or more, we will put all those winners into a drawing and pull a lucky winner. Tickets are still available. Sorry for not posting the winners until now. Next week, the results will be available on Tuesday and will be uploaded to our website shortly after. On October 20, we will pay the first six weeks of the season." 

If you have any questions, please call Chad Knight at 937-2199 or shoot him an email at cknight@ymcaswkansas.org. THANK YOU for your contribution to the NFL Raffle Ticket Fundraiser.