Specialized Aerobics Classes

The Garden City Family YMCA offers multiple "specialized" aerobics classes. These classes are taught by certified trainers. For a schedule of these classes check out our aerobics schedule.

Spinning- We offer a variety of classes and instructors at different times throughout your day these classes not only work your lower body, they are a great aerobic activity.  These classes are only open to the first ten people so get signed up today and get spinning!

Boot Camp- New sessions begin monthly!  Get ready for an intense, full-body workout.  This class is meant to prove results so come focused and ready for a challenge. We offer different times and days to best fit your schedule! With a different workout every day, you will keep your body guessing, which means you will see results much faster!

TRX- "MAKE YOUR BODY YOUR MACHINE!" That's what suspension training can do for you. It will challenge your whole body by making your core support you through the entire workout. This class is sure to challenge not only your strength and endurance but also your balance and agility.

Healthy Kids Club- Originally sponsored by the Saucony Run for Good Foundation, this club is open to youth ages eight to 13. It includes not only workouts but information on nutrition, diabetes management/prevention and various health topics to educate kids and parents.

Power Club- Ever want to test your strength and see how you stack up against everyone else? Just want to test your brute strength? The YMCA Power Club is the place for you. Test your strength with the bench press, squat, and deadlift. Proper form is a must and all lifts will be judged. There will be a women’s and men’s division. Women can try for the men’s division but men cannot try for the women’s division. Achieve the weight and get your name on a plate to be put on the board FOREVER! Must be 18 or older.

Body Transformation- This 12 week program will give you that extra push and challenge you mentally and physically.  A high intensity, boot camp styple class that will get you the results you want! 

Katsuu- Kaatsu is a blood flow modification training system.  Developed in Japan over 40 years ago, this class uses special air bands worn on the upper legs and arms to safely modify blood flow. After the bands are set light training produces an engorgement of blood in the arms and legs which have many affects. Nitric oxide increases in blood vessels increasing their elasticity, fast and slow twitch muscles are toned simultaneously, and it creates elevated levels of growth hormone, adrenalin, and anabolic hormones which help with increasing size. Helping to rehab and grow with less work and quicker. This is taught by former San Antonio Spurs team strength and conditioning coach, Mike Brungardt.