GC branch provides Dome project update

Garden City, Kan. – Though the YMCA had hoped for a 2018 grand opening for its Dome project, recent issues have halted the project’s progression. YMCA CEO Chad Knight recently consulted with an independent contractor who revealed that the Dome manufacturer provided poor workmanship and significant breaches of his contract with the YMCA.
“We were appalled to learn this information,” Knight said. “But we are still determined to provide the community with the one-of-a-kind facility we've promised.”
The YMCA’s next steps involve exploring all available and economically feasible options to determine how to proceed. They’ll work with a contractor and engineer to investigate all current and possible issues, and they’re obtaining an estimate from an independent contractor to complete the project. 
“While we'd like the facility to be open as soon as possible, our main priority is to complete the Dome in a manner that ensures structural safety and responsible usage of donor funds,” Knight said. “We’re grateful for the community’s continued understanding and support of this project. We know that once the facility is available, it will prove to be a tremendous benefit to our community.”
For more information contact Knight at (620) 275-1199 or cknight@ymcaswkansas.org.