Garden City branch announces September winners

Congratulations to our Garden City Branch "Of the Month" winners!

Each Receives a free 30 day pass to the Y for a friend and 2 free buffets courtesy of Golden Corral Restaurant, in addition to other prizes unique to each category.

Volunteer of the Month: Adriana Calderon

"I nominated Adriana because she is always willing to help with an event.  I put on three runs and she help with all three.  She is a very nice and friendly person and is a prime example of our core values.  She models the values very well and sets a very good example for her kids so that they too will be a prime example of our core values. Adriana is the newest member to the fitness committee.  I asked her if she would like to be on it and she said yes without hesitating and was very excited to be a part of it.  Adriana, hopefully our YMCA has you and your family here for a very long time. "  ~ Steven Lynch, Healthy Living Director. 


Member of the Month: Carol Scott

"Carol has only been a member for a month now and she already feels like a veteran member in the facility. Carol first started joining Darlene’s Monday, Wednesday, and Friday water aerobics classes and has now ventured in to the Tuesday/Thursday water fitness and power waves class. Overall, Carol comes in and works out 5 days a week; what a great start! Carol has been more than helpful with the classes. A couple weeks ago, Carol and her husband tried to set Darlene up with a new cassette player system along with some new speakers. Sadly, they were unable to get the set to work but it is the thought that counts! Thanks for being such a great member Carol, and continue on your strive!" ~ Keali Shelton, Aquatics Director


Ambassador of the Month: Jonathan Almaguer

"I nominated Jonathan for Ambassador of the Month because he is also one of our early risers and they don’t always get seen by the rest of the staff.  He comes in each morning, does his cardio and does his weight training, and it looks like he is always going 100 mph.  He always keeps moving.  With that said, he does say hi and talk to people while passing by.  He is always in a good mood and it is always good to see someone with a lot of energy in the morning.  So congrats Jon!" ~ Steven Lynch, Healthy Living Director


Family of the Month: The Hamlett Family

"Daryl and Ann Hamlett are this month's family of the month.  They are here every morning by 5 a.m. to workout.  They are both very friendly people and they talk to or at least say hi to almost everyone.  Daryl has also been my contact for the Tumbleweed for our Family Ramble Road Race, and even know he is no longer with the Tumbleweed he still made it a point to ask me how the race went. Keep up the good work and continue to come in and make the YMCA a friendly place.  Congrats Daryl and Ann!" ~ Steven Lynch, Healthy Living Director


Youth of the Month: Alec Erskin

"I nominated Alec Erskin for the Youth Member of the Month for several reasons; his commitment to fitness, the activity he is doing and his enthusiasm. I was working the Welcome Center several times in the afternoon and Alec would come up and get the pegs to use on the peg board everyday I was up there. This is a HARD workout. One day, I asked Alec and he says he loves it and says he does it everyday. I don’t think there are many kids who are that committed to exercise and let alone doing the peg board. This is AWESOME!!! Good job, Alec, and I am glad you are dedicated to your workout at the YMCA and you are starting at such a young age. I think you exemplify what the YMCA is all about with Youth Development. You will have my vote for this! Keep it up!!"~ Chad Knight, YMCA of Southwest Kansas CEO


Employee of the Month: Royal Pawley-Taylor

"I am at a loss for words at what Ms. Royal does for our Four Year Old Program and the YMCA in general! She gives her ALL in everything that she does and devotes her life to children in general! She LOVES being able to help instill “Christian Principles and Practices” in her every day lesson plans and continuously teaches our core values to each child that is in the program. We are soooo LUCKY to have her as a teacher and advocate for our YMCA! She is beyond deserving of this award and I am truly BLESSED to have an AMAZING woman like her be able to teach our children of the future!!!" ~ Krystal Richardson, Family Director