Garden City branch announces October winners

Congratulations to our Garden City Branch Monthly Winners!

Volunteer of the Month: Marla Garcia

"I nominated Marla Garcia for Volunteer of the Month because Marla has coached her boy Yahir in everything from soccer to flag football. The first time Marla coached for me was when Yahir signed up for youth indoor soccer. I could tell she had a passion for soccer and it showed through in her kids as they always played hard and really improved over the course of the season. Then come flag football season I was searching for a coach for Yahir's team and Marla once again stepped up and coached the team. She has done an awesome job at coaching even though she maybe is not as familiar with football as she is soccer. Marla always brings me ideas and provides constructive criticism if she feels it will improve the program. Marla is a great volunteer that I hope to have around my programs for a long time." ~ Brian Hultgren, Sports Director


Member of the Month: Osvaldo Martinez

"Osvaldo is such a GREAT example of what perseverance and dedication looks like.  He is a long-time member who has transformed his life just by coming to the Y each day. He is here at least once a day, sometimes twice and has made our Biggest User list. He has lost quite a bit of weight and continues to make healthy choices. He brings other members with him to work out and is super considerate and polite to all those he comes in contact with. He is an AMAZING example and we are proud to have him as our Member of the Month." ~ Krystal Richardson, Family Director


Employee of the Month: Rawley Davidson

"When I first started out coaching, Rawley was one of the kids on the team, now he is 18 and working at the YMCA as a building supervisor. He is really following in his mom's foot steps. Just like her, he goes above and beyond with a smile on his face and no complaints. Rawley doesn’t have to be asked to stay busy, nor does he have to be asked a second time to do something.  He always makes sure his responsibilities are finished throughout his shift. If he has a question, he will ask. Rawley also loves to donate his time, from pulling weeds to helping the Welcome Center. He has a great personality and really makes us laugh. Glad to have you on; KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!"~ Crystal Ibarra, Membership Director