Garden City branch announces November winners

Congratulations to our Garden City Branch Monthly Winners!

Each Receives a free 30 day pass to the Y for a friend and 2 free buffets courtesy of Golden Corral Restaurant, in addition to other prizes unique to each category.

Employee of the Month: Cassandra Bribriesca

"Well, once again I get an email, phone call or in person a story about the work of Cassandra Bribiesca running our Welcome Center. As some of you know, this is madness and wild at times. She has always managed to operate the Welcome Center with such dignity and grace that she never gets flustered or upset or displays her discouragement. Last week, I received an email from our Board President, Susan Dempsey, saying that one of her employees told her how AWESOME Cassandra was at the Welcome Center. She said she was packed and was handling everyone with no problems. She said she was busy but was taking care of business and doing her job.  I think the best attribute is her attitude. She makes sure to smile and greet everyone to follow our creed; GYM-GEM. This stands for Greet Your Member, Go the Extra Mile. Cassandra is a GREAT leader and exemplifies this all the time with everyone she greets as they enter the YMCA and as they leave. What is astounding with all of this is she is pregnant to boot. Now I have had two children with my wife and she did a great job through her pregnancy but one of the biggest concerns was the weight she gained with her feet being so swollen from teaching all day and getting tired. This has never wavered with Cassandra and she has only elevated her work performance!! GREAT JOB Cassandra and keep up the EXCELLENT work." ~ Chad Knight, CEO  

Volunteers of the Month: The Cruz Kids

"Harmonie, Patricia, and Arturo “Art” are our volunteers of the month. Even though they are just kids, they have done a lot to help out around here!  Last month they helped us out with our Joint Staff Meeting, from timing the events to running back and forth from the racquetball courts and meeting room to get things for us. They are always asking how they can help us out. They have folded towels and brought them to the front and they have helped with folding flyers. They will help out with anything that they are able to help with.  Keep up the good work and keep helping out when you can it is appreciated!!  "  ~ Steven Lynch, Healthy Living Director. 


Member of the Month: Gretchen Shaffer

"Gooooaaaalll…! Just kidding. This is what reminds me of Coach Shaffer. She is a great health seeker who has been a loyal member of the YMCA for over five years, which makes her an Ambassador. She works out an average of five days a week and even comes in when she is injured and should be resting. She also served on our Annual Support Campaign. A lot of people are intimidated by it but Shaffer does an amazing job. She comes in, smiles, and talks to everyone. I must say she is one person who can brighten my day. Keep up the great work Coach. We love you being such a loyal member!!!" ~ Crystal Ibarra, Membership Director