Corporate Cup Challenge


View team standings and event photos in our Facebook Group: "Corporate Cup Challenge GC."

  • The Corporate Cup Challenge is an annual program hosted by the YMCA that is designed to encourage
    staff and community collaboration through participation in healthy lifestyle activities.
  • Research shows, having healthier employees creates better ROI’s, helps contain health care costs, improves productivity, lessens absenteeism and presenteeism, and makes for happier and healthier employees for companies.
  • The Corporate Cup will include 30 events for you and your staff to compete in!  Some are individual and some are team, but all are crazy, fun!
  • All registered team members will receive a free t-shirt with team name on it.  A small team is defined as a company with a total number of employees less than or equal to 75.  A large team is defined as a company with a total number of employees exceeding 75.  If you don’t have enough to make a team but would still like to participate, call us and we’ll combine you with another team or pick your own company to form a team with!
  • In addition, all registered employees will be entitled to 30 days FREE at the YMCA! See flier for valid dates.
  • A designated team captain is encouraged to attend the pre-event meetings to help with preparation and to clarify team’s understanding of the events.  Bring this flier to your supervisor so they can discover the benefits of this team-building experience!